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Puppy Food

Our puppies are currently on Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Puppy food, and they do very well on this puppy food. It is very important that your puppy remains on this brand of puppy food for the first months in their new home, to help prevent tummy upset as puppies are generally nervous when leaving their siblings and joining a new family. 


For a puppy it can be very stressful to join a new family. All of their surroundings are completely different for them, they no longer have their mother and littermates there with them, and even the water tastes different. Puppies can often get stressed for all of these sudden changes in their lives, and by feeding the same breed of food will make this transition easier for them. If you would like to switch the puppy to another brand of food, we'd suggest that you wait until you've had your puppy on Nutrisource Small Breed Puppy food for six months, and that the transition is completed gradually. 


We provide starter packs of puppy food with local deliveries. We suggest that you purchase a small bag of this food prior to receiving your new puppy. 

Puppy food brand, NutriSource

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