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Pick-Up, Delivery, Shipping


You can pick up your new puppy in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. We always prefer to provide you with your new puppy in person. It is an easier transition for your puppy, and it is less stressful for your puppy. Arrangements may be made for us to meet you at a location with your new puppy if within a reasonable distance of Des Moines, Iowa. 


Yes, we will deliver your new puppy at no cost for the first 50 miles. If you are more than 50 miles from Pleasant Hill, Iowa, the remaining mileage is $1 per mile roundtrip. We meet most families at the Berean Church parking lot in Pleasant Hill or the Fleet Farm parking lot in Waukee, IA for no delivery charge depending on which direction you will be coming from of course. We also meet families in Ankeny, Mason City, Iowa City, Council Bluffs/Omaha, Davenport, Minneapolis, and Kansas City for $1 per mile roundtrip after the first 50 miles. 


Fly In

 Yes, you can fly to pick up your puppy. We can meet you at the Des Moines International Airport for no charge. If you are planning on flying pick up your puppy, you must contact me first to make sure I'm able to meet that day, and then you'll need to call the airline yourself to make a reservation for your puppy to fly with you in the cabin. You'll need to purchase a soft sided pet carrier for your puppy that's within the dimensions your airline allows. I meet families downstairs at the Des Moines airport near the food court/shopping area. Depending on your location, this is generally the least expensive route if you are coming from a lengthy distance. In addition to your airline ticket, the airline will generally charge a $125-$150 pet fee. Otherwise, the it's flying as normal! 


- Yes, we can ship/deliver your puppy to you. We have worked with pet transport companies that will pick up your puppy in Iowa and transport to any location in the continental US. We are happy to work with them and get you the cost for your specific destination. They ensure your new puppy is safe on the trip, deliver the puppy to your home, and provide updates and GPS so that we can monitor where your puppy is during their journey to your home. The pet transports we have worked with make frequent stops along the way, switching drivers, and provide care for your puppy along their destination. I will not send your new puppy with a driver/transport service that is not highly rated, reliable, or even unorganized. Final payment for your puppy along with their shipping cost is required PRIOR to making their transport arrangements. 

- A flight nanny is another option we have available. We generally have our own contracted flight nanny available so we are not impacted by staffing shortages at other flight nanny organizations or airlines. The rate for your puppy to fly with a flight nanny is dependent upon your location/airline ticket cost and flight nanny fees. 


- Shipping by air may be available if requested in certain areas in US. We generally use Ozark Jet a Pet Courier Service if this option is necessary because puppies fly in a climate controlled plane. 

- We do not ship via cargo in any of the major airlines. 

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